«The alternative to memorize or write access data.»

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Users manage every time more and more access data to services such as web pages (job, portals, shops, universities), e-mails (professional and several personal), newsletters, etc.

These access data usually consist of a username or login and a password, apart from a URL o web address where to enter these data.

In our memory we also keep other codes like credit card. mobile PIN, antiblocking code home alarm... these data sometimes we don´t even memorize, we write them down in a piece of paper in the wallet...

We can affirm a person keeps in his mind 10 passwords or codes on average.

Wouldn´t it be easier to remember only one password to access the rest?

Shibbo (www.shibbo.com) is a "password manager" application, that is, a web application which can keep and manage any data related with restricted access by one password or code at least.

These usernames (login) and passwords can be grouped by categories (mail accounts, bank, web services...) and accesed anywhere at any time.

The register process is anonymous, free and only takes a few seconds.

Shibbo can also be installed on an external device such as memorystick, mp3 player or an ipod, this portable version is called PortableApp and can be downloaded from the web for only 39 €.

Shibbo is a service and application designed, developed and maintained by Base, Cía. de Soporte Lógico, S.A.L. (www.basecia.es), a Spanish company with more than 25 years of experience at ICTs.


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