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Installing Shibbo on a USB drive

Running Shibbo on a USB drive

Installing Shibbo on a USB drive


Plug the USB drive in your machine and unzip/untar the downloaded file in the root folder of the unit corresponding to the USB drive (this operation can last more or less depending on the USB interface of your machine: 1.1. o 2.0).


Running Shibbo on a USB drive

Depending on your machine configuration, a window similar to next can appear (Fig.1 ) or simply an window exploring the content of the drive (Fig.2). In both cases, click the "Start" option to open the PortableApps Menu.


In the window there will appear a list of applications installed on the USB drive. .


Then, click on WOS Portable to star the web server (Apache) and database server (MySql), needed for Shibbo Shibbo (written en PHP) to run.


This operation which can last some seconds will show the next window, which you should minimize with the option "Minimize" or clicking out that window.


So the window will be minimized:

Fig. 7

Now, we will open the portable apps menu and select Mozilla Firefox browser (you can skip this step by opening your local browser and writting in the address bar "http://localhost").


After browser opens, the homepage of Shibbo will appear, where you can create users (or access your account if you already created it).


Remember that for Shibbo to run , there must be visible in the task bar these three elements: the web browser (ej: Firefox), WOS application and portable application menu).


Regarding how Shibbo functions, it is exactly the same as online demo: insert account data (i.e.: mail, web service, bank...) related to categories previously created (i.e.: e-mails, web services, banks...).

Clic to enlarge
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Finally and most important:
remember your password because it cannot be recovered.



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